Signs That Christ
Will Return in Our Day

After Jesus assured His disciples that He would come back to our world a second time (John 14:1-3), what question did they ask Him?

“‘Tell us,’ they said, ‘when will this happen, and what will be THE SIGN OF YOUR COMING and of the end of the age?’”
—Matthew 24:3.
(Unless otherwise noted, all Scriptural texts in the DISCOVER guides are from the New International Version of the Bible [NIV].)

Jesus answered clearly and positively. In chapter 24 of Matthew and chapter 21 of Luke He personally gave several “signs,” or evidences, by which we can know when His coming is near. Other Bible prophecies help fill out the picture, detailing world conditions just before Christ’s return. As we’ll see, these prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes; they indicate that Christ’s coming back to earth is near at hand.

Let’s look at ten signposts of Bible prophecy along the highway to heaven, and examine the questions that a modern-day traveler might ask as he reads them.